Welcome to Designs by Kaye

My sculptural ceramic garden pieces I call totems. The pieces on the totems which I refer to as beads are constructed using stoneware clay which has been glazed and fired at least twice in my electric kiln.

I form the beads using several methods including the potter’s wheel, hand building with slabs of clay, coiling with ropes of clay or simply pinching clay into a form in the palms of my hand.

The bead segments are separate and assembled one on top of another on an steel rod driven into the ground two feet in depth. For indoor installation, the rod is mounted to a steel base.

Ever present in my work is imagery from my garden. The beads take liberty with realism and capture the essence of flora and fauna.

I am especially fascinated by the desert and enjoy including my cactus totems in a garden setting among their living counterparts.


Artwork image

Artwork image